Journal of Sensors (Jan 2016)

ECG Sensor Verification System with Mean-Interval Algorithm for Handling Sport Issue

  • Kuo-Kun Tseng,
  • Fufu Zeng,
  • W. H. Ip,
  • C. H. Wu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2016


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With the development of biometric verification, we proposed a new algorithm and personal mobile sensor card system for ECG verification. The proposed new mean-interval approach can identify the user quickly with high accuracy and consumes a small amount of flash memory in the microprocessor. The new framework of the mobile card system makes ECG verification become a feasible application to overcome the issues of a centralized database. For a fair and comprehensive evaluation, the experimental results have been tested on public MIT-BIH ECG databases and our circuit system; they confirm that the proposed scheme is able to provide excellent accuracy and low complexity. Moreover, we also proposed a multiple-state solution to handle the heat rate changes of sports problem. It should be the first to address the issue of sports in ECG verification.