Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente (Jan 2003)

Etnoecologia e captura acidental de golfinhos (Cetacea: Pontoporidae e Delphinidae) na Baía da Babitonga, Santa Catarina

  • Luciana Pinheiro,
  • Marta Cremer

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8
pp. 69 – 75


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This work analyses, from an ethnoecological perspective, traditional knowledge about the ecology of the dolphin species of Babitonga bay, Pontoporia blainvillei and Sotalia guianensis, and their incidentalkilling by the local artisanal fishery. Set gillnetting is the most dangerous practice to dolphins. On the other hand, the traditional interaction between man and animal is fundamentally conservationist. Fishermen know about dolphin food chain relations, fishing and feeding strategies, pod size, uses of habitat, and behavior of dolphins. This knowledge can support future research and conservation measures for local dolphin species, considering that P. blainville is threatened of extinction and, with S. guianensis, not enough known.