Problems and Perspectives in Management (Dec 2016)

Economic and social issues related to foreign land grab and capacity building in Zambian Agricultural economy

  • Ujunwa Augustine,
  • Okoyeuzu Chinwe,
  • Igwe Anthony,
  • Wilfred Ukpere

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 4
pp. 236 – 246


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This paper focuses on the recent land grab in Zambia for agricultural investment. The paper explores the history of foreign land acquisition and shows the dynamics that led to the liberalization of land market in Zambia. The research argues that despite the negative effect of these investments, the government can leverage this opportunity to place the country on the trajectory of growth, especially in the area of capacity development through skill acquisition. This can be achieved by structuring the contract to contain some performance requirements that investors are expected to contribute to the local people. Keywords: land grab, foreign agricultural investment, capacity development. JEL Classification: Q1