Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (May 2009)

Flaw shape reconstruction – an experimental approach

  • Marilena STANCULESCU,
  • Stelian MARINESCU,
  • Gabriel CHEREGI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 1
pp. 96 – 99


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Flaws can be classified as acceptable and unacceptable flaws. As a result of nondestructive testing, one takes de decision Admit/Reject regarding the tested product related to some acceptability criteria. In order to take the right decision, one should know the shape and the dimension of the flaw. On the other hand, the flaws considered to be acceptable, develop in time, such that they can become unacceptable. In this case, the knowledge of the shape and dimension of the flaw allows determining the product time life. For interior flaw shape reconstruction the best procedure is the use of difference static magnetic field. We have a stationary magnetic field problem, but we face the problem given by the nonlinear media. This paper presents the results of the experimental work for control specimen with and without flaw.