How can I contribute to DOAJ?

  1. Support us with a financial contribution
    • Contributions help keep the DOAJ service running and allow us to develop it further.
  2. If you have evidence that a journal in DOAJ might be questionable, contact us.
    • All information shared with DOAJ is done so in confidence and is never published.
    • Include the ISSN of the journal when you email us.
  3. If you find a broken link or something that is out of date or incomplete, contact us.
    • We are always grateful when our users are our eyes and ears.
    • For broken links in articles, include the journal’s ISSN, title and the title of the article.
  4. Become a volunteer
    • From time to time, we put out a call for volunteers. Follow us on Twitter or our blog to find out when the next call is published.

I know a journal which should be in DOAJ but isn’t. What should I do?

Contact the journal and ask them to submit an application. You can also send us the details of the journal—title and ISSN—and we will contact them.

The journal I am looking for isn’t in DOAJ. Why?

Maybe the journal hasn’t applied to us or its application is still in progress. Maybe the journal was removed from DOAJ.

How do I report a bug or ask for technical help?

If you are a registered GitHub user, or you don’t mind becoming one, you can log a GitHub issue directly in our repository. Alternatively, you can send the information we ask for below to our helpdesk.

When you report a bug, please include the following information. (You may not be able to provide every detail but fill in as many as you can.)