Institutional and library supporter model

Academic organisations' support of DOAJ is vital, and we are proud that over 80% of our support comes from these types of organisations. We are very grateful to all our supporting academic organisations.

2024-2026 pricing

For 2024, we have revised and simplified our supporter model to align with the levels recommended by SCOSS. This model enables us to invest in the organisation's future and continue providing high-quality service to our community.

Euros(€) USDs($) GBPs(£)
Large organisations 4,000 4,400 3,440
Small organisations 2,000 2,200 1,720
Organisations from low- and middle-income countries 500 550 430

In 2024, a 30% discount will be applied to institutions supporting us via a billing consortium. The discount will be reduced to 25% for 2025 and 2026. Please contact us for further information.

We always have a wishlist of development projects for which we require additional funding. Please contact us if you would like to support us over and above our standard rates.

Why you should support us

  • We are community-led and -governed. Your support enables our commitment to being 100% independent.
  • Supporting open infrastructure is a strategic choice for libraries and institutions, demonstrating your commitment to open research and sustaining open infrastructure.
  • We are seeing a steady increase in demand: the number of applications we receive each year has increased by 60% since 2018, and our investigations into questionable publishing practices are becoming more complex.
  • Help us deliver our role in driving standards and best practice in open access publishing, for example through the Principles of transparency and best practice in scholarly publishing and the OA Journals Toolkit.
  • You rely extensively on our metadata as a source of trusted journals, integrating it into discovery systems and open access services.

By supporting us, your organisation will join a growing family of like-minded institutions committed to ensuring quality content is available online for everyone. Supporting DOAJ is a statement of belief in equitable open knowledge and science.

Benefits for institutional and library supporters

  • We will add your institution’s name to our Supporters page
  • you can include details of your DOAJ support in marketing activities
  • you can use our logo on your institution’s websites and in other communications
  • you can integrate into your services the DOAJ metadata via our OAI/PMH service, our API or the public data dump