Publisher supporter model

DOAJ relies on the support of publishers and libraries to ensure that its metadata and services remain free for all. The publishers on this page have chosen to show their commitment to quality, peer-reviewed open access by supporting DOAJ. We thank them, as our work would not be possible without them.


We are introducing a revised and simplified model for publishers to support DOAJ for 2024 and publishing this openly in line with our commitment to the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure. We are also relaunching the set of benefits for publishers choosing to support us.

We only accept support through our publisher supporter model from publishers with journals already indexed in DOAJ. Non-commercial/institutional rates are only available to community-led, smaller publishers with limited funding. Contact us if you are unsure which category applies or if you want to discuss ways of further contributing to DOAJ’s operating costs.

Commercial publishers

Band Number of journals in DOAJ GBPs (£)*
A 600+ 25,000
B 400-599 20,000
C 150-399 17,000
D 100-149 14,000
E 50-99 8000
F 30-49 6000
G 10-29 5000
H 1-9 3500

Non-commercial / institutional publishers

Band Number of journals in DOAJ GBPs (£)*
C 150-399 3500
D 100-149 3000
E 50-99 2500
F 30-49 2000
G 10-29 1500
H 1-9 1000

*A 50% discount is available for supporters in Low- and Middle-Income Countries according to the World Bank classification.


  1. Your logo on the DOAJ website
  2. A post from all our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Instagram) acknowledging your organisation as a Supporter
  3. A blog post at the start of the year introducing our new supporters
  4. A DOAJ Supporter logo that you can use on your website
  5. Access to our Public Data Dump
  6. For supporters from Bands A-E or those contributing over the suggested amounts, a personal DOAJ contact to whom all enquiries regarding your applications and updates can be directed

Sponsorship opportunities

We are particularly grateful to those publishers who can contribute over and above these amounts. In these cases, we can offer sponsorship opportunities that enhance our services and support open access globally, for example:

  • Specific technical developments
  • Ambassador programme
  • Webinar programmes and events

Please contact us to discuss further.

Supporting publishers, aggregators, and other organizations

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