Investigación e Innovación en Ingenierías (Jul 2014)

Wireless ECG and PCG Portable Telemedicine Kit for Rural Areas of Colombia

  • Miguel Jimeno,
  • Yueng De la Hoz,
  • Juan Wilches

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2


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Telemedicine is always a popular topic thanks to the constants advancements of technology. The focus on development of new devices has been mainly on decreasing size to increase portability. Our research focused on improving functionality but not giving up on portability and cost. In this paper we are presenting the first prototype device that measures 4-leads electrocardiogram (ECG) and phonocardiogram (PCG) signals with low cost, high portability and wireless connectivity features in mind. We designed and developed a prototype that measures ECG using a standard ECG cable; we designed and developed a digital stethoscope prototype and also the necessary hardware for both medical signals to be transmitted through Bluetooth to a computer. We present here the hardware design, a new communication protocol for transmission of both signals from the device to the computer, and the software system to enable remote consultations. We designed the prototype with the main purpose of using low cost parts without sacrificing functionality, with the purpose of using it in remote zones of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. We show open issues and prepare a field implementation of the kit in the target zone.