Sensors (Feb 2014)

Wavelet-Based Watermarking and Compression for ECG Signals with Verification Evaluation

  • Kuo-Kun Tseng,
  • Xialong He,
  • Woon-Man Kung,
  • Shuo-Tsung Chen,
  • Minghong Liao,
  • Huang-Nan Huang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 2
pp. 3721 – 3736


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In the current open society and with the growth of human rights, people are more and more concerned about the privacy of their information and other important data. This study makes use of electrocardiography (ECG) data in order to protect individual information. An ECG signal can not only be used to analyze disease, but also to provide crucial biometric information for identification and authentication. In this study, we propose a new idea of integrating electrocardiogram watermarking and compression approach, which has never been researched before. ECG watermarking can ensure the confidentiality and reliability of a user’s data while reducing the amount of data. In the evaluation, we apply the embedding capacity, bit error rate (BER), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), compression ratio (CR), and compressed-signal to noise ratio (CNR) methods to assess the proposed algorithm. After comprehensive evaluation the final results show that our algorithm is robust and feasible.