PLoS ONE (Jan 2014)

Independent component analysis and decision trees for ECG holter recording de-noising.

  • Jakub Kuzilek,
  • Vaclav Kremen,
  • Filip Soucek,
  • Lenka Lhotska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 6
p. e98450


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We have developed a method focusing on ECG signal de-noising using Independent component analysis (ICA). This approach combines JADE source separation and binary decision tree for identification and subsequent ECG noise removal. In order to to test the efficiency of this method comparison to standard filtering a wavelet- based de-noising method was used. Freely data available at Physionet medical data storage were evaluated. Evaluation criteria was root mean square error (RMSE) between original ECG and filtered data contaminated with artificial noise. Proposed algorithm achieved comparable result in terms of standard noises (power line interference, base line wander, EMG), but noticeably significantly better results were achieved when uncommon noise (electrode cable movement artefact) were compared.