Revista Chilena de Entomología (Mar 2019)

New distributional notes and key to the known species of Leptoglossus GuérinMéneville from Guatemala (Heteroptera: Coreidae: Coreinae: Anisoscelini)

  • Harry Brailovsky,
  • Torsten van der Heyden

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 45, no. 1
pp. 175 – 180


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Abstract. The genus Leptoglossus in Guatemala is commented. Leptoglossus brevirostris, Leptoglossus crestalis and Leptoglossus tetranotatus are reported from Guatemala for the first time. New distributional data for Leptoglossus concolor, Leptoglossus dilaticollis, Leptoglossus gonagra, Leptoglossus subauratus and Leptoglossus zonatus are reported. A revised key to the known species of Leptoglossus from Guatemala is provided.