In Autumn 2020, DOAJ will be relaunching with a new website with updated functionality, improved search, and a simplified application form. More information is available on our blog. Our API is also changing.

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Become a Publisher Supporter

You may become a Publisher Supporters by making a contribution relative to the size of your business. See a list of existing publisher supporters. You may also donate an amount of your choice and select whether you wish to make a one-off or recurring annual payment. By choosing one of the predetermined amounts and by choosing to make a recurring payment, you are enabling DOAJ to continue to develop its services to the open access community.

If possible, we ask you to use the recurring payment option as it reduces expenses incurred by handling invoices.

Extra large, publishing more than 2000 articles/year: GBPs £3000 per year
Large, publishing between 500-2000 articles/year: GBPs £1000 per year
Medium, publishing between 200-500 articles/year: GBPs £500 per year
Small, publishing less than 200 articles/year: GBPs £200 per year

Please select your payment type below.

Scale amount: recurring annual payment

Select an amount based on the size of your organisation

Scale amount: one-off payment

Select the amount based on the size of your organisation

Should you have any questions, send email to lars[at]doaj[.]org